The Theory of One

Fellow Toastmasters,

Past International Director, Russell Drake, DTM, shared “The Theory of One” initiative for the 2012-2013 Toastmasters year. His vision was for each member to take one step forward in their educational and leadership goals, and for each member to recruit one member.  Since then, the District Directors who have followed continued his initiative.

Please share “The Theory of One” with your club members and encourage them to reach these goals and become a STAR.

Members: Toastmasters who complete two Education awards (Traditional program and/or Pathways) and Recruit a Member will have their name added to the The Theory of One STAR Web Wall.

The Theory of One STAR

Are you a Theory of One STAR?

STrive and achieve one education award
Achieve a second education award
Recruit one new member

Join Toastmasters all over District 13 who will be a “STAR” in 2018-2019!

Jennifer Sell, DTM
District Director


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