Base Camp Manager to the Rescue

submitted by Brett D 13 Pathways Team

Don’t get stuck! We want our members to keep making progress, but in Pathways members can’t progress to the next level without Base Camp Manager approval.

The Base Camp Manager is the club officer who approves level completion requests. This role is usually filled by the club’s VP Ed. The Base Camp Manager should be diligent in ensuring that all level completion requests in Base Camp are approved as soon as possible and that no one is stuck on a completed level.

There are several ways the Base Camp Manager knows when a member completes a level.

  • The member marks the last project in a level complete and launches the “Level Completion” resource in Base Camp and follows the directions. The system then sends an email notification to the club contact on file in Club Central. (Log into Club Central and check “Club Contact and Meeting Information” to see who in your club is receiving these notifications. Update the contact if necessary.) On receipt, the Base Camp manager logs in to Base Camp and approves the level completion request.
  • Members who complete a level should also send a friendly email reminder to the VP Ed. It may be a bit of overkill since the Base Camp Manager already receives the automatic notification, but redundancy is helpful in case spam filters catch the notification.
  • Club officers should review the meeting minutes to check if anything that happened in the meeting requires an action or response on their part. When the VP Ed sees that a member completed the final project in a level they can look out for the level completion request.

The frequent rewards from completing levels in Pathways motivate members to keep progressing and growing. Upon level completion request approval, Pathways provides instantaneous level completion certificates for download. Clubs officers can purchase level completion ribbons from the Toastmaster International store to hand out at meetings. And it’s fun for members to access their virtual badges in Base Camp.

Don’t overlook that club officers must enter level completion achievements into Club Central’s “Submit Education Awards” so that members receive recognition for their achievements, the District can track member progress, and the club can receive Distinguished Club Program credit.

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