The Power of Effective Evaluations

Submitted by Brett, D13 Pathways team

I’ve seen many great evaluations, including at the district conference. I’m always trying to improve my evaluations and Toastmasters provides a multitude of valuable learning resources to help. I’ve read the pamphlets and the magazine articles, listened to the podcasts, and worked through the “Enhance your Evaluations” training module. However, by far the most powerful resource I have seen is the “Staying Positive” video in the Pathways level 1 project “Evaluation and Feedback.”

The video shows three examples of speech evaluations in a club situation, then points out the strong and weak points of each approach.

The first two evaluations in the video sounded just like most of the evaluations I hear. Both of the evaluators provided positive feedback and the second one provided areas for improvement. I was surprised to find out all the ways that these two evaluations could have been more effective. When the third evaluator spoke using the recommended techniques, he delivered an outstanding evaluation which illustrated the tremendous power of using this approach.

Seeing and hearing these evaluations in a video format is an extremely effective way to learn about how to correctly provide constructive feedback. It’s necessary to learn the theory, but actually being able to see the theory in action via video, to have a model evaluation to reference, is a great benefit of Pathways.

How to Give a Great Speech Evaluation in Toastmasters – by Jonathan Peng District 85 (Youtube video)
Toastmasters Effective Evaluation manual