Most Common Pathway Problem-SOLVED

The pop-up window is too small.

A member may be completely flummoxed by the Base Camp experience if he can’t find all the project content. He logs in, accesses his path, and even successfully launches a project. But then he gets stuck and doesn’t know why. It can be frustrating to get so close to success and then to seemingly fail. Not to worry, there is a simple fix.


Problem: It is not apparent to the member how to navigate through the material for a project. When a member launches a project, the popup window often opens improperly sized. It is too small, and conceals the content navigation tools.



Solution: The member should maximize the window by clicking on the square maximize window icon. She then can see the navigation arrows on the left and right of the screen that allow her to proceed sequentially through the material, and the drop-down navigation menu on the bottom of the screen (see the red oval), which allows her to jump between sections of the project.