Second Most Common Pathways Problem-SOLVED

A member is not able to advance to the next level.

A member may get stuck either in the Ice-Breaker project or at the end of a level. She believes she completed all the project requirements but cannot advance to the next level. This problem may be hard for a member to articulate. She may say: “I competed the speech, but now I’m stuck!” “my VP Ed still hasn’t approved my Ice Breaker,” or “my VP Ed says she can’t find my level completion request.” This problem usually requires hands-on troubleshooting from an experienced club member to resolve. The following steps will help either a new or experienced member troubleshoot this problem.

First, check that the Ice Breaker project is complete by opening the curriculum for your path.


Then look for the check mark on the project icon. This check mark indicates the project is completed. The “Status” of the project should also indicate it is “Completed.”

If the project status is “In-progress,” the member should launch the project and complete the pre-assessment and post-assessment interactive quizzes. Once these are complete the project status will automatically change to “Completed.”

If the project status is “Not Activated,” the member has not yet worked through the online course material. 

Once the status of the Ice-Breaker is “Completed,” the member will automatically be able to access the remaining level one projects.

If the project status is “Pending Prior Training,” the member needs to complete a prerequisite project before the project can be unlocked.

When all that level’s projects are complete, launch the level completion resource and follow its directions. Once the member has followed the directions and clicked on “Mark Complete,” the system will send a request to the Base Camp Manager to approve the level completion.

The member will see the resource’s status as “Pending Completion Approval” until the Base Camp Manager approves the request. Check with your club’s Base Camp Manager to ensure that the request gets approved.

After the Base Camp Manager approves the request, the level completion status switches to “Completed,” and the system will automatically unlock the next level.