Club Coach


A club coach is an experienced Toastmaster who volunteers to help another club that has 12 or fewer active members. This Toastmaster is not a member of the club and is typically working toward Advanced Leader Silver recognition. Contact Club Growth Director, Denise Etter, DTM at to learn more about becoming a Club Coach.

Area Club Name Members
A4 1567681 West Liberty University Toastmasters Club 10
A4 144 Pittsburgh Club 12
A4 4437161 Impaqt Toastmasters 0
A5 686843 Speak Easy 10
B11 1729 Arconic Technology Center Club 12
B11 1616929 GENCO 12
B14 9057 Mercer County Toastmasters Club 10
B14 2292 New Castles First 11
B15 6189 Noon-Timer 11
B15 8197 Bayview Club 11
C21 3321310 Sheetz 9
C23 631552 Sallie Boggs Toastmasters Club 12
C24 935440 Norwin Toastmasters Club 8
C24 4201 Greensburg 9
C24 901 McKeesport 9
D31 602362 The Next Step Toastmasters Club 9
D32 1306484 HELPS on Smithfield 9
D32 5333941 The Power of Toast (TPOT) 9
D33 1913 Federal Building Club 10
D35 3749 PPG 10


Club Coach Prog_font outline.inddVolunteer as a Club Coach!

Would you like to help a struggling club get back on the right track?  Volunteer as a Club Coach!  We’ll provide you with the tools, you’ll help others to benefit from Toastmasters, and you’ll earn credit towards the Advanced Leader Silver award (which you’ll need for your DTM).

Not close to earning your DTM?  No problem!  You can “pocket” the credit and apply it when you’re ready.

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