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Greetings Toastmasters!

This year, I encourage you to build on your previous success. Aim high and stretch wide. But most of all, don’t keep Toastmasters a secret. Go and Tell Somebody!  Invite your co-workers, strangers, friends, and family to join your club or another club that is convenient to them. Continuously share and demonstrate the value and growth you’ve received from your Toastmasters experience.

When I joined Toastmasters, I never dreamed of taking on a more expansive role. Because my fellow Toastmasters believed in me, I was able to take on a more expansive role in the district. I happened upon Toastmasters which helped me to organize my thoughts, get my point across quickly, and better inform, persuade, and motivate others. When I look back at my Toastmasters experience I recognize how Toastmasters helped me to improve my career and my life!

So what is your story? How has Toastmasters helped you to advance in your job, in your community, or in life in general? Whatever it is, I encourage you to Go and Tell Somebody!  and invite them to join you on this extraordinary journey toward excellence.  Like you, they will be amazed at the progress they make in just a short time.

As your Club Growth Director, there are seven things I ask of you to help you continue to develop as a leader and to ensure you maintain a healthy club:

  • Invite as many people to your club meetings as possible and greet them with open arms;
  • Participate in membership campaigns to earn club awards and recognition;
  • Encourage lots of people to join Toastmasters, striving to sponsor at least 1 new member;
  • Work together to ensure your club has/maintains at least 20 members;
  • Pay your membership dues early; and
  • Inform your Area Director of an organization or community wanting to start a new club.

Be sure to visit the Marketing Incentives page to download and print this year’s club and member incentives and BINGO card.

As the 2016-2017 Toastmasters year gets under way, I want to thank you for your support and encouragement as I undertake this new role. By working together, we will make District 13 the best that it can be!

All the best,

Jennifer Sell, DTM
Club Growth Director 2016-2017

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