Club Growth

As Toastmasters we are blessed to have a variety of projects to keep us growing in our communication and leadership skills. Our marketing focus this year will be on membership growth, mentoring, retention, and building new clubs so more people in our District can benefit from Toastmasters.  To assist you in these areas, check out the Marketing Incentives page for the incentives we are offering in the first half of the Toastmasters year.

Coaching a Club

Currently over one-third of the clubs in District 13 have 12 members or less, qualifying them to request a Club Coach.  Some may just be in a down swing in membership and will have their numbers up on their own in short order.  Others could use some assistance from an experienced Toastmaster.  If you are a struggling club, please consider the Club Coach program. Not sure if your club could use a coach?  Why not download the January 2009 Toastmaster magazine article “What’s the Scoop on Your Group?” for a self-analysis by your members!

Experienced Toastmasters, consider reaching out to these struggling clubs by serving as a Club Coach. Not only will you grow in your leadership skills, you will fulfill one of the qualifications for Advanced Leader Silver. Contact your Area Director to learn more about the program or to request to be assigned.  The District Director or Club Growth Director must submit Club Coach assignments.

Building New Clubs

The club growth team will be active in defining potential new community and corporate clubs and gaining support through charter and mentors to help new clubs become strong and viable.  Lots of help is needed in all phases of this process … but seeing a new club take root, then take off to be a health club is one of the most rewarding experiences in all of Toastmasters … Why don’t you join in the fun!

Club Membership Retention Tips

  • Make a goal to add five (5) new members during Toastmasters International Membership drives:
    • August/September–the Smedley Award
    • February/March–Talk Up Toastmasters!
    • May/June–Beat the Clock!
  • Club Officers – make a commitment to attend Club Officer Training twice a year – June and January at Westmoreland County Community College.  Strive to complete Goal #9 of the Distinguished club program by meeting the requirement of getting at least four (4) of your seven (7) club officers trained twice a year.  Well-trained officers bring quality to their clubs, which in turn attracts new members.
  • Collect your club dues in a timely manner and have them sent to Toastmasters International whether online, by fax or by postal service to ARRIVE by September 30 and March 31.
  • Keep your member’s dues current to ensure they receive credit for the educational awards and allow them to participate in contests.
  • Keep your club in good standing by submitting a minimum of eight (8) member’s dues by the September 30th and the March 31st deadlines. More is better, but take advantage of meeting the deadline of being on time!