Create a Club Website

FreeToastHost Websites

Most of the club websites within District 13 use the FreeToastHost webhost program.

FreeToastHost website ex.If your club needs a website, you can use FreeToastHost2.0. FreeToastHost is a webhost that’s exclusive to Toastmasters clubs and districts anywhere in the world. Each website includes access to easy-to-use web-based software ideal for any Toastmasters club. If your club is listed on, there is no cost for this service. Simply fill out the FreeToastHost request form. Once you click the link, you’ll see information about the webhost, and the chance to request a club website for your club. Read the instructions carefully.

Click here to see a club website template as a guide for your design.


Additional information about creating, maintaining, and editing club websites is available on the TI website. (login is required to view this information)