DCP During Transition

The Distinguished Club Program (DCP)

 Many current members within the next few months will have an important opportunity to contribute their achievement awards to the current DCP programs for their club’s current Toastmaster year.

Club DCP Goals-Traditional Education Program

Clubs will be striving to become Distinguished, Select Distinguished, or President’s Distinguished Clubs based on the number of objectives that have been reached.
Five of ten goals = Distinguished Club
Seven of ten goals = Select Distinguished Club
Nine of ten goals = President’s Distinguished Club

You may have a contributing role to the success of your club’s DCP program by completing your current education requirement!

DCP Membership Requirement

To be eligible for recognition under the Distinguished Club Program, a club must end the Toastmasters year on June 30 with twenty or more members, OR with a net increase of at least five members since beginning of the current Toastmasters year July 1.

The Distinguished Club Program (DCP) during the Transition Period

The Education requirements during the Transition period (which ends June 30, 2020):