District 13 Newsletter

Welcome to District 13’s most recent newsletter, as well as archives of newsletters from the past few Toastmaster years.


November 2018 Issue– Read about the 2018-2019 District Incentives for members and clubs. Take advantage and earn TI gift certificates!

2018-2019 Issues

August 2018 IssueRead about changes to Fall Speech Contests and the Virtual District Council Meeting.

July 2018 Issue– Read inspiring words from District Director, Jennifer Sell, DTM and details about Club Officer Training on July 14.



2017-2018 Issues

June 2018 Issue

April 2018 Issue

February 2018 Issue – Read about Open Houses; details about the Talk Up Toastmasters membership contest.

August 2017 Issue Read inspiring messages from the District Trio; details about the Smedley Award contest.

2016-2017 Issues

March 2017 Issue –Learn more about the upcoming Spring Conference in State College; meet Jeff Coyne in our member spotlight.

February 2017 Issue Spring conference registration open; member spotlight on Heather Sotomayor

January 2017 Issue Highlights from TLI

December 2016 Issue Winter TLI registration open; member spotlight on Erica Stevens

October/November 2016 Issue Highlights from Fall Conference-Mission I’M Possible; Winter TLI invitation

September 2016 Issue –All the news from around District 13; member spotlight on Katina Hunter

August 2016 Issue –Highlights from around District 13; member spotlight

July 2016 Issue –Meet the 2016-2017 District Trio and take the July challenge!

March 2016 Issue –Highlights about the upcoming District 13 Spring Conference

February 2016 Issue –Featuring training at all levels of Toastmasters, Training Spotlight on District Director and Program Quality Director

2015 Issues

April/May 2015 Issue –Featuring District Leader Elects, PRO Corner, Moments of Truth, Leadership Spotlights on Bill Diamond, Kathleen Kuznicki, Dave Jones, Mary Yonkers, and Lisa Pustelak

March 2015 Issue –Featuring High Performance Leadership Project Information, PRO Corner, Membership-Why 20?, Leadership Spotlights on Betsy Johnson, Michael Staropoli, and Carolyn Krachkowski

February 2015 Issue –Highlights of upcoming Spring 2015 Conference; Leadership Spotlights on Jay Fisher, Carol McClain, Long Trinh, and Paul Matthews