District Business

This page contains documents from District business.

District Council

District 13 Proxy Formdownload, fill out, and bring to credentials desk at Fall Conference.

Minutes-Spring 2017 District Council Meeting

Minutes-Fall 2017 District Council Meeting

Reports Calendar advance notice of when reports will be due for the Administration Manager for each DEC meeting.

Toastmaster Year at a Glance

DEC Meeting Reports/NotesToastmaster Year-2017-2018

July 2017-Pre-Meeting Reports

July 2017-DEC Meeting Minutes

August 2017-DEC Meeting Minutes

September 2017-Pre-Meeting Report
September 2017 -DEC Meeting Minutes

November 2017-Pre-Meeting Report
November 2017-DEC Meeting Minutes

January 2018-Pre-Meeting Report
January 2018 -DEC Meeting Minutes

February 2018-Pre-Meeting Report
February 2018-Area Reports
February 2018-DEC Meeting Minutes

March 2018-Pre-Meeting Report
March 2018-DEC Meeting Minutes

DEC Meeting Reports/Notes – Toastmaster Year – 2016-2017

Finance Manager Reportsclick here to review