Leadership Track

Are you a boss, or a leader?

Are you a “boss” who takes all the credit for the achievements of others? Or…are you a “leader” who acknowledges others’ achievements as well as your own as you all grow and learn together?

The Competent Leader Award (CL)

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Learn how to determine what skills you already have. Next, identify methods for improvement. Finally, learn how to practice and apply those skills at your meetings.

Advanced Leader Bronze (ALB)

The Advanced Leadership Bronze Award has no manual. The requirements include earning the CC and CL awards, serving as a club officer, receiving semi-annual training at Club Officer Training, and completing two presentations on leadership.

Listed below are the officer positions available in each Toastmasters club:
• President
• Vice President Education
• Vice President Membership
• Vice President Public Relations
• Secretary
• Treasurer
• Sergeant at Arms

ALB Requirements:
• Competent Leader Award (CL)
• Competent Communicator Award  (CC)
• Complete a full term as a Club Officer
• Help president prepare the Club Success Plan
• Attend two (2) Club Officer Trainings (COT)
• Complete two (2) presentations from The Successful Club Series
and/or The Leadership Excellence Series.

Advanced Leader Silver (ALS)

The ALS award is the most challenging to obtain in the current Leadership Track. The ALS requires the Toastmaster to work cooperatively with other Toastmasters, including District Officers

ALS Requirements:

• Advanced Leader Bronze Award (ALB)
• Advanced Communicator Bronze Award (ACB)
• Term as District Officer
• High Performance Leadership Project (HPLP)
• New Club Sponsor, or
• New Club Mentor, or
• Club Coach