Welcome to the District 13 Mentoring page!  Below you will find information about how to set up your club’s mentoring program as discussed at the 2016 Winter TLI sessions.


  • Executing the Program – This document details the formation of a club mentoring program and the formation of a Mentoring Committee.
  • Mentoring Relationship for a New Member – Learn key insights and guidelines for your important role as Mentor.
  • Mentor Survey – This survey is used to evaluate the strength of the club’s mentoring program.
  • Mentee Survey – This survey is used to gain  impressions, from the mentee’s perspective, about the club’s mentoring program.

New Member Assignment Packet – This series of documents provide the key information that mentors will need to work with a new member mentee, as well as an experienced club member mentee.

Check back often for additional materials to be posted such as the Mentoring Relationship for the Existing Member and New Club Mentoring.