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February 11-District 13 Pathways Team Base Camp Manager to the Rescue

Don’t get stuck!   We want our members to keep making progress, but in Pathways members can’t progress to the next level without Base Camp Manager approval.

The Base Camp Manager is the club officer who approves level completion requests.  This role is usually filled by the club’s VP Ed. The Base Camp Manager should be diligent in ensuring that all level completion requests in Base Camp are approved as soon as possible and that no one is stuck on a completed level.

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February 7-The 11th Path Has Launched in Pathways
Reprinted from “District 13 – Pathways Special Edition” Newsletter

This is no joke…the Engaging Humor path is here!
Looking to create funny, engaging speeches? This just-released path offers strategies on writing humorous speeches, using effective timing and pacing, crafting strong openings and even how to cope when your jokes bomb. Currently available in English, the 11th path in the Pathways learning experience provides an in-depth study of humor and works the same as the other paths, with required projects and electives throughout five levels that increase in complexity.

Engaging Humor is only offered online and is available to all members.
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February 3-Pins and Ribbons for Pathways Achievements! 
Submitted by D 13 Pathways Team

Reward your club’s members educational achievements in Pathways! 

After completion of a level, Base Camp automatically awards the member a virtual badge (found in the e-portfolio) and a level completion certificate to print (found in the transcript level folders). 

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February 1Every Club Needs a Pathways Champion
Submitted by D 13 Pathways Team

A Pathways Champion, in conjunction with the Base Camp Manager, is a point person in your club who answers questions about Pathways or finds the answers for your club’s members.

A club Champion shares the Pathways resources and explains the Pathways education program structure and rules.

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