Pathways Resources

Descriptive Resources

The Navigator
This resource is the official Toastmasters manual. It includes an overview of the education program, the meeting experience, and enrichment experiences. Download here.

Pathways Features and Benefits
This brochure is useful for promoting the club. It visually explains the five levels, 10 paths concept and then presents the features, benefits, value to the individual, and value to the organization in a clearly laid out chart. Download here.

Pathways Paths and Core Competencies
This official resource from Toastmasters International provides a visual representation of the concept of the five Core Competencies and 10 Paths. Each path is given a page listing the projects (both mandatory and elective) included in its learning track. This resource is most useful for people who are considering joining a Toastmasters club and who want to know more about the Pathways education program.  Download here.

Pathways Paths and Projects Catalog V2
This resource describes the 10 paths, lists the projects (required and elective) associated with each path, and then describes every project included in Pathways.

Each project is given a one-page description including the project title, purpose, overview, and “this project includes.” This resource is useful for identifying and planning out requirements of upcoming projects.

For example, the description of the Active Listening project states that the project required the member to serve as a topics master at a meeting, which in many clubs will have to be scheduled well in advance. Other projects may require multiple steps, or even multiple speeches. These requirements are clearly articulated in this resource.

This resource is well suited for active members who, for planning purposes, are looking ahead in their paths or thinking about strategically selecting a second path. Download here.

Official Toastmasters International Pathways FAQ
Contains official answers to the most common questions asked about Pathways.

Getting Started Resources

Getting Started Using Pathways
This member-developed resource is a great aid for new members, and a cheat sheet for getting started. It walks first timers through the mechanics of the online Toastmasters and Base Camp systems (Base Camp is the platform which hosts the Pathways educational program materials). Steps covered include logging into Toastmasters International website, accessing Base Camp, accessing the path, and completing the icebreaker project. Download here.

Pathways Fast Start (courtesy of District 57’s George Marshall)
This presentation is a more robust version of the Getting Started Using Pathways resource. It covers the same essential steps but also includes screenshots. In addition, it covers completing a level and the steps a VP, Ed needs to undertake to approve the level completion request. Download here.

Ice Breaker Project
The first toastmasters project is available online for free! Take an exciting peek at the first project on your Toastmasters journey–the Ice Breaker. See how projects are structured in Pathways and experience how clear and simple the objectives are to achieve.

Member-Created Resources

Time for Pathways
District 13’s very own Katina Hunter developed this series of 12 quick, one-minute videos helping Toastmasters navigate Pathways. If you are encountering a simple problem and need quick help getting through it, these brief videos are a great place to start. Topics cover Logging into Pathways, Accessing your Path, Finding and Printing your Project Evaluation Resource, Choosing and Viewing Your Electives, and more. Thanks, Katina!

Visual Guides to Pathways Levelscreated by Mark Snow, DTM of District 69

Level 1Mastering Fundamentals
Level 2- Learning Your Style
Level 3- Increasing Knowledge
Level 4- Building Skills
Level 5- Demonstrating Expertise
Pathways Mentor Program
Pathways to DTM

Pathways Paths and Projects Wall Chart (pdf or excel) – If you like wall charts to help you map your progress, this resource will be invaluable to you. Available online, and updated on October 30, 2018.



Official Pathways Forms

Pathways Mentor Program Completion Form – When you have completed all the Pathways Mentor Program requirements, complete and submit this form. You will receive the official Pathways Mentor designation and a certificate of completion once you have completed a path in Pathways.

Level Completion Verification Form – Use this multi-purpose form to request your Certificate of Proficiency after completing a full path.

Forms for print members:
These forms are for the use of members who elect to complete Pathways using printed materials instead of online using Base Camp. **If you are enrolled in the online program, please do not follow the directions below.

Path Order Form – If you elect to complete Pathways using printed materials, do not enroll in Pathways online. Instead complete this form and submit it with the additional fee for printed materials. After you order a path, you will receive Levels 1 and 2.

Level Completion Verification Form Use this multi-purpose form to order the next kit on your path. When your VPE verifies you have completed the projects in the first shipment, you will receive Level 3 (and the Pathways Mentor Program if requested). When the VPE verifies project completion in the second shipment, you receive Levels 4 and 5.

Level Completion Verification Form – Use this multi-purpose form to request a letter to your employer to recognize your achievement and to request your Certificate of Proficiency after completing a full path.