Pathways Team

The District 13 Pathways Team, made up of the Chief Ambassador, Ambassadors, Pathways Guides Coordinators, and Pathways Guides have completed their duties for the district roll out of Pathways. Many thanks to the Toastmasters who fulfilled these roles.

If you have a Pathways question? Click here to email the Pathways Manager.

Pathways Guides Coordinators
Jing Humphreys, DTM, PDG
Thomas Keefe, CC, ALB

Pathways Guides
Shawna Cassick, ACB, ALB
Chad Adams, ACB, ALB
Robert Johnson Jr., CC, ALB
Denise Badolato, ACB, ALB
Chana Deray, ACB, ALB
Marci Antion, CC
Brett Aristegui, CC

Laurie Johnson, ACB, ALB
Katina Hunter, ACS, ALB
Travis Lodolinski, CC
Sara Wasageshik, CC, ALB
Linda Young, DTM
Julia Gleason, ACS
Robert Cobbett, ACS
Stephanie Simmons, ACB, ALB
Tiffany Tye, CC, ALB
Sarah Souri, CC, ALB

Club Assignments for Pathways Guides/Ambassadors-click for the listing.