Pathways Team

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Club Pathways Champion

Every club needs a Champion – a Pathways Champion.

A Pathways Champion, along with the Base Camp Manager, is a point person in your club who can answer questions about Pathways or find the answers for your club’s members.

Your club Champion can share the Pathways resources and explain the Pathways education program structure and rules. The Navigator, the tutorials inside Base Camp, and the Toastmasters International website will get all members started with critical information. The Pathways Facebook group and the District 13 website contain links to additional valuable tools and resources.

The Champion is also encouraged to give speeches about the Pathways learning experience. It is a substantial topic for club speeches, especially the Level 1 project “Research and Presenting.”

At your next meeting look around the room. Who has expressed the most curiosity about Pathways? Who enrolled first? Who has made the most progress? Ask that person to be the Pathways Champion at your club. Volunteering as a Champion is an effective way to develop leadership skills and may even qualify as a Pathways project. Have your Champion investigate project requirements and report back!

For Pathways questions and support contact the Pathways Team.