Frequently Asked Questions about Public Relations

Who can I contact with PR questions?

  • VP PR Problems: Email to
  • Toastmasters Central: 1 (949) 858-8255,

How can the District Public Relations Manage support me?

  • We exist to support you. Feel free to reach out with any problems relating to promoting your club.
  • We are interested in supporting the promotion of your club, its events, and your members.

How can you support the district?

  • Volunteer to support the District PR taskforce.
  • Support District 13’s VP PRs
  • Outreach to magazines, newspapers, and radio
  • Graphic Design work
  • Editing Video

Is there a checklist of VP PR tasks I can complete?

1.    Guest Packets (Easy)

  • Visit for documents to include in your guest packets. Your club can purchase a pack of 25 presentation folders from Toastmasters International for $20.00. Or your club may purchase pre-made Guest Packets ($2.50/packet)
  • Include: Membership Application, Ice Breaker project, Brochures, and any relevant club information

2.    Leverage Guest’s emails (Easy)

  •   Follow up with a thank you for joining meeting

3.    Fliers (Easy)

  • Toastmasters’ Marketing Templates
  • Leverage fellow club members to hang fliers at local cafés, gyms, etc.

4.    Newsletters (Medium)

  • Submit your event’s information to local newsletters
  • Create your own newsletter to email blast to current and guest members

5.    Events (Hard)

  • Bring a friend day
  • Host an Open House
  • Bring and advertise a guest speaker
  • Host a community-based program
    •  Host a Speechcraft
    •  Host a Youth Leadership Program
  •  Participate in local community days

1.    Step 1 (Easy): Confirm your club’s information is accurate on
2.    Step 2 (Easy): Update online local listings with data aggregators, to appear in Google local search.
3.    Step 3 (Medium): Consider launching social profiles for Facebook, LinkedIn, or (note: Groups cost ~$10/Month).
4.    Step 4 (Medium): Consider having members review club Yelp listing (note: make sure members do this from different devices and not in the same location, otherwise Yelp will flag for review).

How can I stay up to date with District news?

      • Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
      • We also send emails for events; please let our team know if you’re not receiving.