Program Quality Director

Francine Milligan, DTM

Program Quality Director’s Message 2016-2017

Welcome Fellow Toastmasters!
I congratulate you for taking the next step in your Toastmaster’s journey.  Whether you are here as a new officer, a seasoned veteran, or are simply interested in what it takes to be an officer, it is your leadership and dedication that will help take District 13 to the next level of success!

What I love about our program is the fact that it is the MEMBER that sits at the top of the organization chart.  It is only by focusing on meeting the member’s needs that our clubs will meet their goals and not only survive, but thrive in our program. We do this through the fabulous education and leadership programs Toastmasters has to offer.  By focusing on the member we truly will achieve success.

My goal for our District in this coming year is that we make every effort to do just that.  We begin by providing excellent training opportunities through our Toastmasters Leadership Institute programs and our Fall and Spring Conferences.  We continue the process by listening to our members.  What are their needs and how can we, as a District, assist them?  How will that lead to our success?  Your Area and Division Directors are a great medium to convey your concerns, questions, thoughts, needs, and successes.  Use them as much as you can! Of course you can reach out to any of the District Trio with questions or concerns at any time.  We are here to serve you!

The network you will build today will also be of great assistance to you through your journey in the coming year as a club officer.  Make sure to share your email addresses with one another and use your newly found Toastmasters friends to help problem solve along the way.  You will be amazed at how much you can learn from one another! It takes a team to become a success.

I encourage you to take advantage of all this year’s program has to offer.  I look forward to working with you to meet the educational and leadership goals of you and your club members.
Wishing you much success in the coming year!

All the best,
Francine Milligan, DTM
Program Quality Director, 2016-2017

About Francine:  Francine has been a member of Toastmasters International and her home club of BNY Mellon Toastmasters for almost fourteen years, having served in every club officer position except for Sergeant at Arms.  She also belongs to The Next Step Club, Division D’s Advanced Toastmasters club, and is a charter member of PREP Speaks, PNC’s first Toastmasters club of which she is also their club mentor. Francine has served in numerous District Leadership positions including Area Governor, Division Governor, Public Relations Officer, Audit Chair, and District Historian as well organized the Spring Conference in 2008.  Francine also has competed in the past five years in the District International Speech, Evaluation, and Table Topics competitions and is a regular presenter at our Toastmasters Conferences and Leadership Institute programs.