Public Relations Manager

Alexis Sanders

Fellow Toastmasters!

Thanks for stopping by District 13’s PR hub. We have beefed up this section in an effort to make it more relevant and useful for you.

D13TM’s 2016-17 Theme – District 13 has P.R.I.D.E. (Personal Responsibility in Delivering Excellence):
Our theme this Toastmasters’ year is a message of accountability. Accountability to yourself, your club, area, division, and district. Responsibility comes in many forms – personal goals, leading a team in a High Performance Leadership project (HPL), maybe it’s simply inviting a friend to join, or sharing an interesting post on social media. This year will be all about determining your goals and sticking to them, finding out the goals of others and supporting them, going the distance and enjoying the sense of accomplishment each step of the way.

2016-7 PR Goals:

  1. Increase members’ surround sound in the community.
  2. Increase our District’s sense of community.
  3. Keep members updated with activities, events, trainings, conferences, and district news.
  4. Generate sharable, relevant content.

Offerings to Support You:

  • Monthly Membership Highlights – Each month we will highlight a Toastmaster within District 13 on our website and throughout our social media channels. Getting members a little additional PR.
  • D13TM Insights Blog – D13TM is starting a blog covering public speaking, self-improvement, and leadership. The idea is to get relevant content to our district members, while allowing our members to build their credibility through publishing on our website and shared via our social channels.
  • Webinars – My goal is to host and record 10 seminars this year covering various PR topics, conveying everything from making fliers to editing your website.
  • Newsletters – Each month we will publish a newsletter with a monthly theme. Check them out for news, upcoming events, and content surrounding that month’s theme. We’re including a challenge each month, so give it a shot!
  • Challenges – Each month we’ll introduce a new challenge in our newsletter; share your experiences on social media, whether in a quick video clip or in a brief summary.
  • Monthly Meetings/Office Hours – On the second Sunday of each month, we’ll have a VP PR phone meeting to cover any problems, challenges, and find solutions. Details to be announced.
  • Support – Feel free to shoot me a message that includes anything with which you need help. I enjoy solving problems, all sizes appreciated. Email, text, or call and we’ll work through a solution!

Your 1st Challenge: Check out the content on our PR website, like our Facebook page, follow our Twitter feed, and join our LinkedIn group.

Thanks for your time! Talk to you soon!

Warm regards,

Alexis Sanders, ACS, CL