District 13’s top leaders are an impressive group. Read their bios below.

District Director

Members Matter Most

As District 13 Director, I am honored to serve our members by bringing more awareness to Toastmasters International and District 13. Our theme will continue to be Members Matter Most.

As we are almost half way through the Toastmasters year, examine your goals for your membership and what you seek to accomplish from your speeches, service to your club, and leadership roles. I challenge you to face your fears and step outside of your comfort zone.

Club Growth Director, Mary Cornwall, DTM, is working with you to build new clubs and help struggling clubs. Program Quality Director, Denise Etter, DTM, is working with you to provide excellent training and educational opportunities.

You can always reach out to your Area Director, Division Director, or the Trio if you have questions, need resources, or are looking for guidance.


Jennifer Sell, DTM
District Director, 2017-2018


Program Quality Director

It is my honor and pleasure to serve as your 2017-2018 District 13 Program Quality Director. ‘Members Matter Most’ and the District 13 mission are to build new clubs and to support all clubs and members in achieving excellence.

As Program Quality Director, I am responsible for all aspects of education and training within the district. This includes supporting quality club programing efforts, promoting the Distinguished Club Program, and planning and executing the district conference and leadership education programs.

Already in this Toastmaster year we’ve completed a successful Fall Conference and a leadership event in early December…we look ahead now to TLI in January.

Serving in Toastmasters is a wonderful personal and professional learning opportunity. I encourage you to pick a leadership role within your club or the district, apply your best self, and do that role with commitment and determination. Most of all, enjoy what you are doing and enjoy the camaraderie of your fellow team members! These roles can also become your HP Leadership Project and some roles can be applied towards your Advanced Leadership Silver goal.

I admire the commitment each of you makes to District 13 Toastmasters!

  • Let’s continue to share the wonderful opportunity of Toastmasters with those around us.
  • Let’s continue to expand our communication and leadership networks.
  • Let’s continue be a positive leadership influence in our homes, communities, and our work places.

I look forward to further developing our teamwork skills as we celebrate our education and leadership successes together.

All the best to you!

Denise Etter, DTM
District 13 Program Quality Director, 2017-2018

“Real communication is impossible without listening.” Dr. Ralph Smedley

Club Growth Director

I am pleased to serve as the District 13 Club Growth Director.

As Club Growth Director, I am responsible for marketing, club building, and club retention efforts within the district.

Please consider joining the Club Growth Team. There will be four club growth teams working together to ensure our club support, club building, and member successes. All teams will work with our Area and Division Directors. Consider acting as a sponsor or a mentor for a new club or become a club coach for a struggling club in our district.

The Club Retention Team will ensure clubs retain their membership and that their members’ needs are being met.

The Club Coach Team will recruit and place club coaches and will review the area reports and club coach reports.

The Club Extension Team will recruit and train sponsors and mentors and will provide guidance to our demo teams.

The New Club Development Team will help District 13 grow by cultivating and researching new club leads and then qualifying those leads based on the type of club request and location.

I look forward to working with you!

Mary Cornwall, DTM
District 13 Club Growth Director, 2017-2018

Public Relations Manager

Hello District 13!

As your District Public Relations Manager, I am greatly honored to serve the district as a whole, the clubs in the district, and most importantly the members. Regardless of anybody’s role in Toastmasters: a club officer, a club member, a district officer, or even a guest interested in Toastmasters, Members Matter Most, and members are what makes Toastmasters International so very great in helping others achieve their communication and leadership goals and improve their self-confidence.

My role as the Public Relations Manager encompasses working with the district leadership to accomplish the following:

  • Maintain and enhance communication between the district and its members
  • Work to increase public awareness of Toastmasters International through media
  • Prepare a public relations program designed to achieve goals for membership growth, club growth, and educational achievements in clubs, not to mention the Distinguished Club Program
  • Promote district conferences, events, and also leadership training opportunities (TLI sessions)

My vision to accomplish the above-mentioned includes the following:

  • To create and implement various tools and resources that sustain and enhance open channels that VPPRs (Vice President of Public Relations Club Officers) have with District 13 to aid in the growth of their individual district clubs
  • Augment member and educational achievement recognition within the district
  • Provide resources, support, and encouragement to help members in their Toastmasters journeys
  • Retention of core components of the previous year’s PRM Strategy with scalable enhancements to remain a district with a distinguished online presence that fosters a great sense of community
  • Implement and provide timely promotional media to members of the district pertaining to district conferences, speech contests, TLI sessions, and any other relevant district events

My call to action to you is to attend one of your club’s executive committee meetings and see what your club’s PR goals are for the 2017-2018 year. If you are not a VPPR club officer, see if you can help your club’s VPPR and even your club’s VPM (Vice President of Membership) with projects such as open houses, speech contests, or just simple online and community media to help your club reach new heights and grow.

If you have any questions, need resources, need assistance, or are looking for guidance feel free to reach out to me at PRM@d13tm.com or the other members of the Quad. Feel free to share with me how our District can better serve you or your club.


Max Lieberth, ACS, ALB Public Relations Manager, 2017-2018