Tracks Education Program

Disney® character in Alice in Wonderland®

The Current Toastmasters Education Program

The current Toastmasters Education Program includes a Communication Track and a Leadership Track.

Disney® character in Alice in Wonderland®

Alice, in Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland®, knew all about having to make choices.

This “Tracks” Education Program, with a little help from our Disney® friends, provides the resources you will need to make the choice to achieve the highest and most prestigious award, the Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) award under the current education program, OR…apply your leadership achievements towards the new Pathways education program.

Join Alice, the White Rabbit, and the Cheshire Cat, and a very obnoxious Queen, on a “Tracks to DTM” adventure you’ll long remember!

This “Tracks” program is built on four guiding principles that have been in place since Toastmasters was founded in 1924:

• Experiential Learning–We learn by doing. By giving speeches and fulfilling leadership roles, we practice and improve.
• Self-paced Program–We learn best at our own pace and comfort level.
• Peer Feedback–Through honest and supportive peer evaluation, we grow and improve.
• Mentoring–Experienced members encourage, guide and support us in our goals and help us to achieve more than we thought possible.

These same principles will be emphasized throughout the new Pathways Education Program as well.

Are you a DTM Candidate in the Current Tracks Education Program?

Disney® character in Alice in Wonderland®

WHITE RABBIT: “It’s late! It’s late! For a very important date!”
ALICE: “Late for what?”
WHITE RABBIT: “Completing your DTM award in the current “Tracks” Education Program before the roll-out of the new Pathways program, Alice!”
ALICE: “I’m an ALB…and an Area Director!”
WHITE RABBIT: “Good! Now you can become a DTM Candidate!”
ALICE: “A what?”
WHITE RABBIT: “Our club President  will explain. He’s the chair of the DTM Mentoring Committee. He’ll help you earn your DTM award! Hurry along, Alice!”

The DTM Mentoring Committee

Disney® character in Alice in Wonderland®

CHESHIRE CAT: “Hello Alice. I’m the Cheshire Cat, President of the Cheshire Club. I am a Distinguished Toastmaster or…DTM. Would you like to become a DTM candidate, my dear?”
ALICE: “Isn’t it too late to finish my DTM in the ‘Tracks’ program? Pathways is coming. The White Rabbit said, ‘We’re late, we’re late, for a very important date!’ ”
CHESHIRE CAT: “Late?…. Nonsense! It’s NOT late. That crazy White Rabbit has his knickers in a tizzy! There’s plenty of time. Plenty of time. If you choose to become a DTM candidate, you have a two-year transition period after the new Pathways program is launched in our District to complete all your DTM requirements.”

Disney® character in Alice in Wonderland®

Go For the Gold!

Disney® character in Alice in Wonderland®

CHESHIRE CAT: “Think about it, Alice! Your DTM!”
“Run the Gauntlet!”
“Become part of an elite group!”
“Go for the Gold!“
“Go for the DTM Award!”
“You can do it!”
“Reach for it! “Reach for it!”