Pathways Support Materials

Base Camp Manager Resources

Base Camp Manager Duties
This exhaustive resource is invaluable for the VPEd (or other officer) serving as Base Camp manager. It provides step-by-step instructions including screen shots for each of the Base Camp manager’s duties. Duties covered include responding to member level-completion requests, validating completion of a level and its requirements, printing certificates, approving external training requests, and tracking member progress. Download here.

Base Camp Manager Quick Start Guide
A one-page guide that summarizes the main duties for the Base Camp Manager. Download here.

Meeting Roles in Base Camp FAQ
Base Camp is the computer platform that hosts Pathways materials. This system communicates with the appropriate club officer via email when members request level completion approvals or external training opportunities. The following two resources are guides to help you integrate these communications with your existing club productivity tools such as FreeToastHost and Gmail. Download here.

FreeToast Host-Pathways Messages from Base Camp

Gmail Forwarding of Messages from Base Camp

District 13 Presentations

Virtual Support Sessions-2019-slides from online support sessions delivered by the Pathways team.

Session 1-Base Camp Basics-Everything you need to know to get started in Pathways.

Virtual Support Sessions-2017-18 – slides from support sessions delivered by the Pathways Team.

Session 1
Getting Started

Session 2
Base Camp Basics

Session 3
Speech Evaluations

Session 4
Base Camp Manager Duties
Tips to Enable Base Camp Messages for FreeToastHost-courtesy of Pathways FB discussion forum

Session 5
Pathways to Distinguished Toastmaster

Session 6
DCP in Pathways

General Session overview of pathways from the D13 fall conference October 2017. Download here.